Stain remover

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Description MSD

With 4%, 6.25% or 12.5% chlorine, Bleach can be used to whiten fabrics, remove fabric stains on stains on surfaces, to disinfect or to sanitise food grade surfaces. Bleach with 12.5% chlorine can be used to chlorinate pools. - Available in 5, Carton (3 x 5) and 15lt containers.


Coloursafe is a perborate-based powder bleach that can be safely used to brighten coloured fabrics. Coloursafe can be used as an additive to laundry liquid or powder and best performs in temperatures greater than 75 degrees celcius. Available in 5 and 10 kilo containers.

Diversey Clax 4EP1

Diversey Clax 4EP1, Laundry Pre Soak. This alkali formula will loosen and defeat greasy soils in a soak prior to the washing process. Use as required, normally 5 to 10 gms per litre in pre soak. Available in 10 kilo container.

Diversey Clax 7XP1 Iron Stain Remover. Laundry AId

Diversey Clax 7XP1 Iron Stain Remover. Laundry AId, removes water bourne stains in areas of low water quality.


Used undiluted, Exit Stain Treatment is a solvent-based stain treatment that can be used to remove most stains. Available in 5 or 10 litre containers.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite. Used as high power bleach liquid, sanitiser or pool chlorine. Use as required, will satisfy health regulations for food surface sanitising at 1 : 2000 dilution (62.5 ppm) - Available in 5 or 10 litre containers.

Spray Gun

Spray Gun, Atomiser, Trigger Spray. 500 ml Conical, 500 or 1000 ml Straight, regular or jumbo sized head. Standard or solvent resistant Viton seal type.