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Description MSD
Alkaline Cleaner

Alkaline Cleaner, Non caustic heavy duty / general purpose cleaner. Use to clean or degrease all washable surfaces, can be used through pressure washers, floor scrubbers or in mop applications. Use between 1:20 and 1:150 dilution. - Available in 5 or15 litre containers.

Antifoam Liquid

Antifoam Liquid Defoamer is suitable for use in recovery tanks of carpet cleaning and floor scrubbing machines to prevent excessive foam. Available in 5 litre containers.


Blast Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser. Kitchen and general purpose degreaser, ideal for Hot area and floor cleaning. available in 5 or 15 litre containers

Carb Clean

Carb Clean is a cold-dip soaking degreaser and stripper that has been specially formulated to penetrate and loosen carbonised deposits and gum residue found in engine components and in the chambers, orifices and jets in carburettors. Carb Clean can be safely used on soft metals and will remove some paints. Available in 20 litre containers.

Chlorclean Chlorinated Alkaline Cleaner

Chlorclean Chlorinated Alkaline Cleaner has been specifically formulated to clean areas that contain traces of blood, fat or grease, such as commercial kitchens and meat processing rooms. With 5% chlorine, the cleanser will denature the proteins found in fatty soils. Chlorclean can also be used in shower areas to effectively remove soap and fatty residue and prevent the formation of mould. - Available in 5, Carton (3 x 5) and 10lt containers.

Diversey Break Up

Diversey Break Up. A balanced alkali detergent, formulated to clean meat rooms and areas where animal or mineral soils and fats are present, Superb emulsifying properties ensure fast clean up. Use between 1:25 and 1:100. Available in 5 litre container.

Diversey Diverclean C3 Heavy Duty Cleanser Degreaser 3 x 5 Litre

Diversey Diverclean C3 Heavy Duty Cleanser Degreaser 3 x 5 litre. C3 is a concentrated mulitpurpose spray on/ wipe off cleaner which has been formulated for all surfaces. An alkaline liquid detergent • Contains an effective blend of solvents and surfactants • Non flammable • Ideal for use in catering, housekeeping, health care, transport and building maintenance industries • Non corrosive to most metal types Do not use on plexiglass plastic material

Diversey Diverfloor 3 x 5 Litre

Diversey Diverfloor 3 x 5 Litre. Alkaline floor cleaner. Formulated for cleaning heavy duty grease & oils including kitchen floors