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Oates Contractor Mop

The Oates Contractor Mop is an industrial grade, multi-purpose mop made of a highly absorbent 100% cotton yarn. It is suitable for all commercial cleaning.

Oates Duraclean Mop

The Oates Duraclean Mop features an exclusive synthetic blend yarn for ultimate absorbency and cleaning performance. its supreme durability makes it ideal for all heavy duty commercial cleaning jobs. Available in four colours: red, blue, green and yellow. Blue Lion Supplies also stock Oates Duraclean mop buckets.

Oates Enviro Mop

The Oates Enviro Mop allows you to sweep, mop and dry floors with ease with one compact unit. The Enviro Mop features a swivel head and an extendable handle to manoeuvre hard-to-reach places. Ideal for cleaning smooth tiled surfaces and polished timber floors without chemical solutions.

Oates Microfibre Flat Mop

The Oates Microfibre Flat Mop is ideal for use on smooth tiled surfaces and polished timber floors. It can be used wet or dry, with or without chemicals, and features a swivel head for accessing hard-to-reach places. Available in two sizes: 450mm and 600mm.

Oates Polyestor Cotton Mop

The Oates Polyestor Cotton Mop has a blend yarn which makes it ideal for applying sealers and polish. Its high lint resistance and durability makes it suitable for use on rough surfaces. Available in two sizes.

Oates Squeeze Mop Refill

Blue Lion Supplies stock a range of Oates Squeeze Mop Refills. Various sizes and fittings available to suit most handle types. Please contact us for further information.

Stainless Steel Floor Scraper

Blue Lion's 510mm Stainless Steel Floor 150mm Scraper is ideal for cleaning areas where food stuffs can become impacted. Fits onto a 25mm broom handle.