Metal cleaning

Description MSD
3M #630 Green Scourer Sponge

3M #630 Green Scourer Sponge will provide extra cleaning power on most washable surfaces. Available in carton of 30

3M #96 Green Hand Pad

3M #96 Green Hand Pad scourer will provide extra cleaning power on many surfaces. Available in carton of 50


Alubright. An acid detergent which removes oxides and stains from metal or porcelain surfaces, from truck fittings to urinals and toilet bowls. Use between 1:5 and 1:20. ALWAYS WEAR PERSONAL PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND EYE WARE. - Available in 5, 10 and 15lt containers.

Bracton Metal Bright

Bracton Metal Bright is an acid detergent which removes oxides and stains from metal and porcelain surfaces such as truck fittings, urinals and toilet bowls. A highly corrosive agent, personal protection clothing and eyewear must be worn. Available in 750 ml containers.


Brasso metal polish, can be used to remove tarnish from brass or to remove fine scratches and abrasions from painted surfaces, some plastics and fibreglass. Available in 250 ml cans.

Carb Clean

Carb Clean is a cold-dip soaking degreaser and stripper that has been specially formulated to penetrate and loosen carbonised deposits and gum residue found in engine components and in the chambers, orifices and jets in carburettors. Carb Clean can be safely used on soft metals and will remove some paints. Available in 20 litre containers.

Cyclo Breakaway

Cyclo Breakaway is a metal detailing product with a thickened formula to extend life and performance in outdoor applications. Available in 450 gm cans.

Pen Eze

Pen Eze, Penetrating oil for freeing rust affected threads and parts, can be used as a short term metal protectant. Use undiluted. Available in 25 litre containers.