Glass washing

Description MSD
Glass Wash

Specifically formulated for cleaning all types of glassware in glass washing machines, Glass Wash will give a superior clean and sparkle. It is not suitable for sink washing. Glass Wash is - Available in 5, Carton (3 x 5) and 15lt containers.

Special Rinse Aid

Specifically formulated for glassware, Special Rinse Aid will rinse freely and leave no residue after the wash cycle. It is for use only through a dispenser in glass washing machines. Special Rinse Aid is - Available in 15 litre containers.

Bar Glass

An alkali detergent formulated for use in total-dump glass washing machines, Bar Glass will effectively remove soils from all types of glassware. - Available in 5, Carton (3 x 5) and 15lt containers.

Bracton Glasswash

Bracton Glasswash is an industry-standard glass washing detergent that will leave all types of glassware sparkling. Available in 3 x 5 litre carton or 25 litre container.

Diversey Diversol CX 10kg

Diversey Diversol CX 10kg . A chlorinated sanitiser and destainer for use in the Food Processing, Beverage, Brewing and Dairy Industries. It is also used as a surface sanitiser for Institutional applications, and in food preparation areas.

Glass Wash Brush, Portable.

Glass Wash Brush, Portable. Wet wash brush for in sink or on bench, pre washing of drinking glasses.

Spiroflex Single Swivel Aerator

Spiroflex Single Swivel Aerator. Shower or Stream convertor for Tap outlets.