Glass cleaner

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Description MSD
100 mm Blades To Suit Sterling Scraper

100 mm Blades To Suit Sterling Scraper. Available in packets of 10

Alloy Telescopic Extension Pole

Alloy Telescopic Extension Pole, for window wash or cob web cleaning applications. High strength, suited to window washing / squeegee applications, cob web or dusting tasks or light changing. Various lengths and sections.

Cyclo Glass Cleaner

Cyclo Glass Cleaner is an aerosol foam cleanser that quickly cuts through soils and films commonly found on glass. Available in 652 gm cans.

Diversey Sparkle JF 2 x 2500ML

Diversey Sparkle JF 2 x 2.5L. J Fill system controls use and meters dilution to provide a ready to use glass cleaner suitable for all mirrors, windows and high finish items.

Diversey Sparkle Trigger 9 x 750ml

Diversey Sparkle Trigger 9 x 750ml. Ready to use glass cleaner, packed in convenient dispenser.

Diversey Taski R3

Diversey Taski R3 Glass cleaner concentrate. Non hazardous formula, 1.5 ltr bladder is equal to a standard 20 ltr drum of similar use product. It is colour coded to dispenser, sprayer, bladder and wallchart. In use 15ml per 500 ml water. Available in 1.5 litre.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Glass and Mirror Cleaner will effectively clean windows and mirrors leaving a streak-free finish. Can also be used on bright metal surfaces and laminex. - Available in 5, Carton (3 x 5) and 15lt containers.

HALO Glass Cleaner

HALO Glass Cleaner is suitable for cleaning windows, mirrors, bright metal surfaces and laminex. Used undiluted via an atomiser, HALO Glass Cleaner will leave surfaces with a mirror finish. Available in 15 litre containers.