Carpet cleansers & deodorisers

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Description MSD
Antifoam Liquid

Antifoam Liquid Defoamer is suitable for use in recovery tanks of carpet cleaning and floor scrubbing machines to prevent excessive foam. Available in 5 litre containers.

Diversey CCS GP Spotter 6 x 750ml

Diversey CCS GP Spotter 6 x 750ml. Complete Carpet Spot remover General Purpose. Will safely remove most carpet stains with harsh chemicals, Apply to inconspicuos area before full use, to ensure colour stablitiy of carpet.


Extract Carpet Cleaning Liquid. Formulated for extraction machines, has a pleasant fragrance and can be diluted for application as a traffic lane or pre spray solution. Diluted between 1:20 and 1:100. - Available in 5 or 15 litre containers.

Nilium Water Soluble Deodourant

Nilium Water Soluble Deodorant is a deodorant / reodorant which can be used as an air freshener or added to mop water to reodorise while cleaning.  With a choice of five fragrances - original, spring mint, red clover tea, cucumber melon and lemon - Nilium deodoriser comes in 936 ml or 3.78 litre containers.

Nilofresh Cucumber Melon/Red Clover Tea 6 x 12oz

Nilofresh Cucumber Melon/Red Clover Tea 6 x 12oz. Doedorant Granules, used to freshen areas from bins to carpeted surfaces. Applied to the carpet prior to vacuuming.

Nilogel Shaker Pack 6 x 227gm

Nilogel Shaker Pack 6 x 227gm. Absorbent Granules, will absorb up to 20 times its own weight.