Floor cleaners & deodourisers

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Description MSD
Excellent Heavy Duty Cleaner

Excellent Heavy Duty Cleaner, General purpose and kitchen cleanser. Used as a spray and wipe or as a mopping solution to remove greasy soils from most washable surfaces including tiled floors or walls, stainless steel fittings, range hoods and filters. Used between 1:10 and 1:50 dilution. - Available in 5, Carton (3 x 5) and 15lt containers.

Liquid Caustic 46%

Liquid Caustic 46% Solution. Use to balance pH in trade waste applications, can be employed to maintain pH in Hot soak tanks for furniture or metal stripping. Use as required. Available in 25 litre containers.

Methylated Spirit

Methylated Spirit containing 95% Ethanol is - Available in 5, Carton (3 x 5) and 15lt containers.

Nilozym Trap & Drain

Nilozym Trap & Drain, Cleaner and deodouriser. Formulated to open blocked drains, keep driains running free and deodorise smelly drains. Use as directed by manufacturer. Available in 936ml, 3.78 litre and 18 litre Containers.


Odourkiller, bacteriacidal deodourant for garbage areas. Used as spray or swab. Dilution undiluted to 1:10. Comes in 5 and 10 litre.

Safe n Clean

Safe n Clean, sanitising cleanser liquid used from bar and counter to table tops. Dilution 1:20 to 1:100. Comes in 5 or 10 litre containers.

Safety Sign

Safety Sign. Wet Floor, Caution, Cleaning in Progress. A Board, Free standing.

Safewash Lemon

Safewash  Lemon is a powerful disinfectant cleanser formulated to effectively clean delicate bathroom surfaces such as marble terrazzo and gold-plated fittings. Safewash is available in two fragrances - lemon and Ultrafresh - as well as a unperfumed formula. - Available in 5, Carton (3 x 5) and 15lt containers.