Dishwashing detergents

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Description MSD
Diversey - Suma Special L4

Diversey Suma Special L4 is a concentrated liquid machine washing detergent specially formulated to provide excellent soil removal in soft to medium-hard water conditions. Available in 5 litre and 20 litre containers

Diversey Panclean JF 2 x 2.5Litre

Diversey Panclean JF 2 x 2.5Litre. J Fill system controls use and meters dilution to provide a high quality pot wash concentrate, each 2.5Litre is equal to a standard 20 litre drum of similar quality detergent

Plugs Sink 50 mm

Plugs Sink 50 mm, general purpose heavy plastic, white.

Spiroflex Single Swivel Aerator

Spiroflex Single Swivel Aerator. Shower or Stream convertor for Tap outlets.