Cloths, sponges & wipes

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Description MSD
Rags #12 Coloured

Rags #12 Coloured. General wiping 10 Kilo

Raytex 40 x 38cm 100

Raytex 40 x 38cm 100 Synthetic wiping cloth Blue or Yellow. Suitable for all general wiping needs, wet or dry, cleaning or polishing.

Raytex Wiping Cloth

Raytex Wiping Cloth  Blue / Yellow. Poly Viscose, general wiping and cleaning

Stockinette Rayon Lightweight

Stockinette Rayon Lightweight. Lint free cloth suited to sauce straining in kitchens or as a high grade polishing cloth. Available in 2 kilo rolls.

Swab Mop

Swab Mop, toilet cleaning. Soft tool to apply detergents and clean bowls and fittings without scrubbing

Tea Towel Economy 71 x 45cm

Tea Towel Economy 71 x 45cm. Red, Yellow, Blue or Green

Wipe Out Iso Propyl Wipes

Wipe Out Iso Propyl Wipes. Anti-bacterial wipes, 70% Isopropyl alcohol, 75 wipes per tub. Can be used for cleaning of: • All hard surfaces in pathology, dental and GP surgeries, hospitals and laboratories • Stainless steel benches • Trolley tops • Tile surfaces • Sinks • Equipment surfaces • X-ray equipment • Telephones