Cleansers, deodourisers & disinfectants

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Description MSD
Nilogel Shaker Pack 6 x 227gm

Nilogel Shaker Pack 6 x 227gm. Absorbent Granules, will absorb up to 20 times its own weight.

Nilotron Dispenser Automatic Airfreshener

Nilotron Dispenser Automatic Airfreshener. Timed doseage settings, can be set for day or night operation and set to dose in 5 - 15 or 25 minute intervals.

Nilozym Trap & Drain

Nilozym Trap & Drain, Cleaner and deodouriser. Formulated to open blocked drains, keep driains running free and deodorise smelly drains. Use as directed by manufacturer. Available in 936ml, 3.78 litre and 18 litre Containers.

No Problem Vomit Clean Up

No Problem Vomit Clean Up will effectively absorb and deodorise the affected area. Available in a 125 gm sachet.


Odourkiller, bacteriacidal deodourant for garbage areas. Used as spray or swab. Dilution undiluted to 1:10. Comes in 5 and 10 litre.

Pura Pan

Pura Pan is a superior toiler cleaner. Its patented dispenser jar provides a constant dose of cleanser and deodoriser leaving the toilet smelling fresh and water a clean blue colour. Each jar will cleanse and deodorise for up to 1,000 flushes. Available as a single jar and in cartons of 30 units. One litre and 5 litre refill containers also available.

Raytex 40 x 38cm 100

Raytex 40 x 38cm 100 Synthetic wiping cloth Blue or Yellow. Suitable for all general wiping needs, wet or dry, cleaning or polishing.


Rejuvenate, surface conditioner / polish. NOT FOR USE ON FLOORS. Formulated to enhance the appearance of furniture, plastic or vinyl surfaces. Available in 5 or 10 litre container.