Cleansers, deodourisers & disinfectants

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Description MSD
Diversey Taski R2

Diversey Taski R2 Hygiene cleaner concentrate. Non hazardous formula, 1.5 ltr bladder is equal to a standard 20 ltr drum of similar use product. It is colour coded to dispenser, sprayer, bladder and wallchart. In use 15ml per 500 ml water. Available in 1.5 litre.

Diversey View Quick 3 x 5L

Diversey View Quick 3 x 5L . No rinse daily cleaner for sealed and unsealed floors, pH neutral detergent

DM Antislip, Floor Wash

DM Antislip floor wash has been specifically formulated to clean floors that have been treated with DM Antislip. Available in 25 litre containers.

Drain Cleaner

Drain Cleaner, Detergent to open blocked or slow drains. Caustic / perborate based preparation. Use only with personal protective clothing. Add to drain openings with extreme care. Available in 5 or 10 kilo buckets.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil 95% pure. Used as required to instill a perfume, as an additive to laundry washing of woolens or to remove gummy residues.

Excellent Heavy Duty Cleaner

Excellent Heavy Duty Cleaner, General purpose and kitchen cleanser. Used as a spray and wipe or as a mopping solution to remove greasy soils from most washable surfaces including tiled floors or walls, stainless steel fittings, range hoods and filters. Used between 1:10 and 1:50 dilution. - Available in 5, Carton (3 x 5) and 15lt containers.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Glass and Mirror Cleaner will effectively clean windows and mirrors leaving a streak-free finish. Can also be used on bright metal surfaces and laminex. - Available in 5, Carton (3 x 5) and 15lt containers.

Glen 20 Crisp Linen 175gm

Glen 20 Crisp Linen 175gm. Odour neutralising spray and surface disinfectant. Ideal for use in storage areas, guest rooms or refuse areas.