Cleansers, deodourisers & disinfectants

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Description MSD
Diversey CCS GP Spotter 6 x 750ml

Diversey CCS GP Spotter 6 x 750ml. Complete Carpet Spot remover General Purpose. Will safely remove most carpet stains with harsh chemicals, Apply to inconspicuos area before full use, to ensure colour stablitiy of carpet.

Diversey Cream R7

Diversey Cream R7. Gentle abrasive cleaner, removes stains from most common washable, hard surfaces. Available in 750 ml container.

Diversey Divercleanse 2 x 5Litre

Diversey Divercleanse 2 x 5Litre. A high performance hospital grade disinfectant cleanser which has been formulated to kill germs, remove stains, smells and soils as well as bleaching.

Diversey Diverfoam SMS Chlor

Diversey Diverfoam SMS Chlor. A balanced chlorinated alkali detergent, formulated to clean meat rooms and areas where animal or mineral soils and fats are present, chlorine in formula denatures proteins to assist in easier clean up. Use between 1:50 and 1:100. Available in 15 litre container.

Diversey Go Getter 12 x 750ml

Diversey Go Getter 12 x 750ml. Phosphoric acid based washroom cleaner for frequent use on stainless steel and porcelain

Diversey JIF

Diversey JIF Lemon Cream cleanser. Use as required to attack stubborn stains on metal, laminate, china or porceline. Available in 2 litre squirt pack.

Diversey Suma Inox D7 6 x 750ml

Diversey Suma Inox D7 6 x 750ml. Stainless Steel Polishing oil, for all interior presentation finishing of stainless steel in lifts, door pushes, kitchen range hoods or equipment.

Diversey Taski R1

Diversey Taski R1, Toilet Cleaner concentrate. Non hazardous formula, 1.5 ltr bladder is equal to a standard 20 ltr drum of similar use product. It is colour coded to dispenser, bottle, bladder and wallchart. In use 15ml per 500 ml water. Available in 1.5 litre.